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Weakness of shared hosting

If you are building a website, you will definitely have a question which type of hosting you should choose. While there are many different types of hosting, it is not easy to choose the most suitable for you. Before choosing you should know many things, for example, the strength and weakness of shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In this article you will find the most important information about two main types of hosting and the most important advantages and disadvantages of them.
Firstly, I will tell you about shared hosting. The first thing you should know about shared hosting is that the server is shared among many users. If several people sign up for a shared hosting, they will share the same IP address and the same server. Probably it is the biggest weakness of shared hosting, because sharing the server causes slow working of your website. This can be extremely irritating, especially if you are running a large business. If you website is working very slowly, it will definitely decrease the number of visitors. It is difficult to imagine the success of your business with low quality website.
However, the users of shared hosting have different accounts with no access to the accounts of other users. It means that other users cannot make direct impact for your website, but they can cause some problems indirectly, by using illegal programs or uploading too much files in their websites. It is also common problem among the shared hosting users. Even knowing the weakness of shared hosting can make a huge influence for your decision which hosting you should choose, you should know that shared hosting also have some advantages. Probably the most important thing is the low price. You can find shared hosting which costs only $5 per month. This low price definitely attracts many users, especially inexperienced beginners.
Dedicated hosting, compared with shared hosting is better in many aspects. You do not need to share the server with other users and you do not need to worry about slow working of your website. However, the better service, the higher price, so if you choose dedicated hosting you will pay more.
Finally, it seems that the weakness of shared hosting is higher than the number of positive things. If you are beginner in websites creating, you can try it, but if you are experienced in this, I would not recommend shared hosting for you. Remember, that the lowest price is not always the best choice.

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